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agua de grifo,
tap water,
chorro de agua sobre pasto con viento,
jet of water over pasture with wind,
agua corriente,
running water,
pasos sobre grava gruesa,
steps on coarse gravel,

chaparron y trueno,
downpour and thunder,
gato ronroneando,
purring cat,
pava herviendo,
kettle, boiling kettle and whistling,
versando agua , vino en un vaso o copa,
pouring wine in a glass or calice,
portón cerrandose, portonazo,
closing gate, door,
goteo, agua, canilla, grifo,
drip, water, tap,
Why are we taking pictures?

Yesterday talking to a dear girlfriend I wonder why I wanted to take pictures, which feels unattractive, ugly...
that would break my camera... we already know the pretty girls... ;-)
"What good would some pictures of me do?"
I gave him a pretty obvious quick reply, like I take pictures to help our memory and capture the moment to beat the time.

Tonight, sleeping a little, I reworked the theme and I could add more motifs that push us to take pictures...

Most of the time we take pictures to tell stories, our stories.
We took pictures to stop the seconds and never be old.
So they’ll remember us when we’re not, or we’re not always the same.

I have hundreds of thousands of photos between movies, fingerboards, and digital files...
I have taken pictures of all kinds and all, in all the trips I made, and in all kinds of events.
But I do not take without looking, without understanding, without appreciating what I am living in the instant!
I also do not take out large quantities with digital, I prefer from now on a few images well taken care, without having to touch it later.

I have taken pictures to everything I liked and also that I did not like but I was shocked, be it negatively that positively.
I have photos of life on the street, of flowers, of animals, of windows, of models, and photos of sensations and concepts.

I think we take pictures because we want to transcend and live the best moments forever.
We want to immortalize our life, and share our stories with our family and friends.
And maybe live a few moments of glory uploading photos on social networks in the hope of finding ample feedback.

We want to share with the world what our eyes see to be part of the world of images, because where you do not appear, you do not exist!

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